Pirouetting Pelusa

This is Pelusa. Pirouetting. She was adopted from a Denver shelter by Evelyn. Her name means “fuzzy little one.”  Pelusa is a miniature poodle mix, incredibly smart, a little shy, and 12 years old. Evelyn is a professional ballerina and when she told me that Pelusa had a tutu during our creative call, I knew that I had to photograph them together in ballet attire. 

I also learned that Pelusa has congestive heart failure and that Evelyn wasn’t sure how much longer Pelusa would be with her. She wanted to have beautiful portraits to remember her by. Photographs can be priceless mementos of loved ones, human and animal. I know from experience with my own favorite miniature poodle, Sadie, and from watching my parents’ dogs grow older and having created portraits of their cherished mutts for them. So I am particularly gratified to have created lovely images of Pelusa for Eveyln. 

After Evelyn selected the images of Pelusa that she loved, she asked which ones were my favorite.  In addition to the ones she picked, I love the in-between shots and moments. Evelyn wanted Pelusa to be the star of the photos, but the outtakes with the two of them are my favorites. Here are some of my picks. 

This Single Lady, Beyoncé

{Pupdate: Beyoncé was adopted on February 20th from a couple who read this blog post and went in specifically to visit her! I was so happy I cried when I found out <3}

Happy Valentine’s Day from me and Beyoncé, an adorable adoptable at the SF SPCA. I took these photos of her last week on our Doggie Day Date to Orange Photography, where I work part-time as a studio assistant. Beyoncé was my first DDD ever and I took her to Orange for that inaugural outing last November. I wrote about our day together in a blog post for Orange. At the time she was called “Bright Eyes.”

Royalty through and through

Waiting for her furever home match

I’ve worked with Beyoncé neé Bright Eyes at the SF SPCA on my regular shifts and taken her on three DDDs, which in addition to being fun, are a great way to get to know a dog outside of the shelter environment. She is super smart, affectionate, and brave. I’ve taken her on BART and MUNI without any fuss. Queen Bey loves to run and would be a great trail running companion. She is housebroken, a great loose leash walker (doesn’t pull except for when she’s really excited), and a fantastic model. Also, those eyes!

I hoped that my original Orange Photography blog post would help get Beyoncé adopted but she’s still at the SF SPCA, 150+ days since she arrived. This weekend is the SF SPCA’s Lonely Hearts Adopt-a-thon. 27 lucky pups have found their furever homes! I know these love matches can take time; still I’m hoping that my Bey Bey gets adopted or at least some serious suitors this weekend or stat!  I’m blogging about her because I love that gal and want her to find a good home.

Please share this blog post with folks you know are dog lovers and who may know of humans looking for a sweetie pie to come home to!

Also, thank you to my colleagues at Orange who’ve allowed me to bring Beyoncé and others to work on DDDs; and to my friends who’ve shared their precious time with me and the various pooches on DDD adventures. It’s not the best time to actually socialize and catch up since I’m often distracted by watching over the dogs, but I am grateful that they get to experience one of my passions with me!

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