Jung Fitzpatrick, photographer, dog lover, and future dog mama. Photo credit: Alex Lexson, 2017

Jung in studio with Waldo, from the SF SPCA

Jung with Bright Eyes, her first love, from the SF SPCA

Behind the scenes: Jung sharing a moment with Mr. Barns

Jung volunteering at the SF SPCA with Willa


Three years ago, I took a bold step. I quit a job that was unfulfilling to do the two things I love best — take photos and care for dogs. 

I began this journey by assisting professional photographers while taking classes and volunteering at the San Francisco SPCA. Since then I have been published in print and online, learned T-Touch dog massage, and have become a mentor to other volunteers. 

I feel blessed to do work that is heartfelt. I adore working with dogs because they challenge me to give attention to their needs and accept their quirks.  They reward me for the effort with unadulterated love and joy. I also love connecting with clients over their beloved dogs, and seeing their dogs through their eyes. 

Courage, I’ve heard, means to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. I feel I do that in every portrait session.  Both dog and human must trust me to capture the intimacy of their relationship. And if I succeed in my work, I leave behind a forever-memory of their bond.

Which doesn’t stop us from having a blast! That’s why “fun” crops up so often in these testimonials. And if you check out my people portraits, you’ll see that many of my human subjects are enjoying themselves too.

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